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Norway’s beauty queen dropped from pageant due to porn career

Aug 22. 2004 Norway’s beauty queen dropped from pageant due to porn career.

When the management of Miss Norway was informed that Aylar Dianati Lie had starred in two porn films, she lost her place in the Norwegian finale.

However, first Aylar tried to blame it on her non-existing twin sister, reported the Norwegian television channel TV Norge Monday night.

UPDATE: Aylar Dianati Lie is a Norwegian model and entertainer who gained celebrity status first under the name “Diana” as a pornographic actress, later as a model and in 2004 when she competed at the Miss Norway pageant but was disqualified from the finals when it was found out she had starred in adult films. She is now a music video actress and singer.

Aylar Lie was born in Tehran, Iran but arrived in Norway at the age of 2 and was raised by Norwegian foster parents. She is fluent in Norwegian and English. ” I consider myself a Norwegian girl and I expect to be treated as one.” – Aylar Lie

In a July 2010 interview, Aylar Lie said she regrets having engaged in pornographic acting and  wished she could erase that from her past.

Her adult film career has made her the target of much criticism and even some death threats from her homeland Iran. Aylar Lie denied that she was banned from entering her native Iran because of her pornographic background.

Aylar Lie is one of the contestants in the 2010 TV show ” Skal Vi Danse? ” the Norwegian version of “Dancing With The Stars.”

After being signed to Dance Nation it was announced that Lie was working on her debut album set for a 2010 release. Her official debut single is named “Some People” and it features Ocean Drive.


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