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Ron Paul says the Republican Party has Lost its Way

Ron Paul is my new hero.

If America was a smarter country, wouldn’t Ron Paul be leading in the polls?

One hundred million dollars $100,000,000 – Money Talks these days.

Get our house in order – a free and prosperous economy where everybody’s doing well – lead by example.

Make the world safe for democracy hasn’t worked.

Small government – conservative values. In time the people will wake up.

PEACE is a POWERFUL MESSAGE. Look at how many people die in war and how much it costs.

We can make a much better World in a much easier way.


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Levi Johnston to Propose Marriage on National Television

Levi Johnston to Propose Marriage - Question Mark
Levi Johnston to Propose Marriage – Question Mark

photo courtesy AP

What a better time to propose and legitimize the whole thing with Ms Palin than in the national tv spotlight – what a television ratings bonanza. With a $3 TRILLION Deficit, War, Bad Times,Greed, Evil, Corruption and Bankrupting the Nation for the Middle Working Class, The Republicans need a Distraction away from the real issues.
Ron Paul 2012

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