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Sarah Palin at RNC Likens Herself to a Bulldog with Lipstick

Here’s a clip [courtesy of CBS News] of  Sarah “Lipstick Bulldog” Palin in her uninspiring RNC speech. At one point she was booed. She also mentioned the only difference between Her and a Bulldog was LIPSTICK ! and the Gov of Alaska also revealed she sold a Luxury Jet at a HALF-MILLION DOLLAR LOSS, thats $500,000.


Across town, the Dr RON PAUL REVOLUTION was Going On: LIBERTY ! Now Here’s an American Patriot. Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere and John Patrick Henry Would Be Proud of Ron Paul.



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The Most Popular Republican Military Veteran American Hero

You Guessed it – Dr RON PAUL , American Patriot and the Tax Payers Best Friend.  Vote In Ron Paul 2008 – Write In Candidate – Your Vote Counts! If enough people did it – HE’d WIN ! America’s Ready for FREEDOM – PROSPERITY and PEACE

And Thanks for Your Support of FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

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