It’s Going to Take More than Balloons to Get This Party Started

Balloons Cant Get Isolationist McCains Party Started

Balloons Cant Get Isolationist McCains Party Started

John Sidney McCain Goes it Alone. Bush and Cheney No-Shows Snub Old Tired McCain.

Outside , police on horseback prevented anti-war demonstrators to march on the convention hall.

I only heard ONE POSITIVE THING out of his whole speech -“ “We lost the trust of the American people when some Republicans gave in to the temptations of corruption… I don’t work for a party, I don’t work for a special interest. I don’t work for myself. I WORK FOR YOU.”

that was it – all the rest was about More FIGHTING, More Business as usual the past 8 negative years.

Sounds like a Good Deal for the Bin Laden Family, International Banking, Haliburton,  Big Oil, and the other Fat Cats who are Profiting Enormously while Thousands of Young Americans DIE , The Middle Class has been Broken and the Deficit is THREE TRILLION DOLLARS thats $3,000,000,000,000

thats a 3 Followed by TWELVE ZEROS PEOPLE. What a System – the ELITE Get OBSCENELY WEALTHY at The EXPENSE Of Everyone else. someone has to pay back the loans or America , as we know it, is Doomed.  

McCain says ” I don’t mind a good fight, for reasons known only to God, I’ve had quite a few tough ones in my life…FIGHT WITH ME. FIGHT WITH ME. FIGHT WITH ME. Fight for what’s right for our country”


Now Who Are You Going to Vote For?

One Man Offers LOSS of LIBERTY, More POVERTYand Debt, More WAR Casualties & Suffering


THINK People, The Choice is Clear.  Lets Make The World a Better Place. May SOURCE Bless ALL Americans not just the “Elite” who prosper from WAR GREED & CORRUPTION while the majority Suffers. Thats UN-GOD Like, UN-Source Like, UN-Natural


Have a Wonderful REST of Your Life. Thats My 2 Cents.

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