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Nightmare on Wall Street Another $700 Billion Investments Vanished

The stock market took another nosedive Wednesday losing another 450 points – another $700 billion in investments vanished. It’s all very volatile, it’s all manipulated by the elite powers that be.

WAMU, Washington Mutual, appeared headed toward a sale Wednesday after a major investor removed a potential stumbling block and banking regulators began approaching the most logical buyers.

With most Americans now preoccupied about their own future financial security, the one thing they do not want to hear is how they will end up paying the bill for poorly managed companies, federal reserves and fascist governments. You didn’t think you were living in a democracy, did you?

 The Federal Reserve, the secretive private bank, controls America’s entire economic system.  Created with no constitutional authority in 1913, the Fed prints money out of thin air and loans it to the U.S. Treasury at interest. This can only lead to one outcome: debt. Currently, the Federal Reserve is printing billions of dollars to bail out Wall Street while destroying the middle class and the dollar. If our country wants a sound and transparent monetary system, we need to abolish the Federal Reserve and bring the power back to the American people.

Did I Mention, Wake Up People

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