Why Am I So Wealthy

Why am I so Wealthy , Why am I a Financial Genius , Why is My Wealth Increasing Massively Every Day , Why does every Dollar I Spend Return to Me Massively Multiplied , Why do I Always Have All the Money that  I Want and Need ?

Why do I Effortlessly Attract All the Wealth that I Desire , Why am I Becoming More Wealthy in All aspects of My Life , Why am I Surrounded by an Ocean of Wealth , Why am I a Money Magnet , Why is there Always a Surplus of Money Circulating in my Life ?

Why am I in Perfect Harmony with all of the Universal Laws of Health Wealth and Happiness, Why do I Have All the Wealth I need , Why is Wealth and All Good Things Overflowing in My Life , Why am I Getting Rich with Mathematical Certainty ?

Why is Every Action I Take in Perfect Harmony with the Laws of Wealth and Increase ?

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