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McCain Quits Campaign Concedes Presidency to Obama

McCain’s Concession Speech “The Failure is Mine” 11-4-2008 McCain HQ Biltmore Hotel – Phoenix , Arizona with wife Cindy and Gov Palin.

CBS’s David Letterman going Apeshit on the Late Show about No-Show McCain after he Bailed Out.

On the air Letterman questioned whether McCain trailing in the polls was in Trouble.” This doesn’t smell right , this is not the way a tested hero behaves , somebody’s putting something in his Metamucil.”

Letterman suggested that McCain should not be suspending his campaign at all and that he could have sent in the second string quarterback his VP running mate to fill in for him. “ You don’t quit ”  After suggesting that Palin should be prepared to step up and be ready , ” because the poor guy is getting a little older ”  Letterman reconsidered and said of Palin’s readiness , “ Don’t get me started. ”

At the very moment McCain was supposed to be on the couch next to Letterman being interviewed , he instead  was at the CBS News center three blocks away in Manhattan , getting ready to be interviewed by CBS News anchor Katie Couric. A live feed from that location showed McCain getting made up to go on with Couric. “ He doesn’t seem to be Racing to the Airport ” Letterman observed. “Hey John I’ve got a question You Need a Ride to the Airport ? … this Stinks .. it really is starting to Smell”

Letterman kept up his rant on McCain with Paris Hilton telling her  “Now I’m feeling like an ugly date  , I feel used – I feel cheap ” 

On the Top 10 list the #10 surprising fact about Sarah Palin – ” she sometimes calls John McCain GRANDPA “

He talked about David Blaine hanging upside down in New Yorks Central Park for 60 hours ” They just left the guy hanging there It’s the same thing McCain did to me last night. ”

” Here’s how it works – You don’t come to see me?  You don’t come to see me?  Well , we might not see you on Inauguration Day ” Letterman said.

One Thing is Clear – Don’t Mess With David Letterman!

Keith Olbermann rips Sarah Palins cluelessness on Iraq and Foreign Policy.

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