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You Didnt Think You Were Living in a Democracy Did You?

According to Chomsky: “I’m a boring speaker and I like it that way , I doubt that people are attracted to whatever the persona is. People are interested in the issues , and they’re interested in the issues because they are important. We don’t want to be swayed by superficial eloquence , by emotion and so on.”

He holds a view that there isn’t much difference between slavery and renting one’s self to an owner , or WAGE SLAVERY . Chomsky feels that it is an attack on personal integrity that destroys and undermines our freedoms. He holds workers should own and control their own workplace.

He has argued that the MassMedia in the United States serves largely as a Propaganda arm of the US Government and US Corporations , with all 3 entities intertwined through common interests.

Noam Chomsky , professor emeritus MIT

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