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No Knockout Blow for McCain Unanimous Decision and New HeavyWeight President of The World Barack Obama

Ladies and Gentlemen , After 3 Rounds of Debating , We have a Unanimous Decision and New Heavy Weight Champion [er President] of The World – Barack Obama !

Two Sides of the Same Coin, OK Boys Lets Have A Clean Fight and Come Out Fighting

Two Sides of the Same Coin, OK Boys Lets Have A Clean Fight and Come Out Fighting

Americans are hurting right now and they are angry. They’re hurting and they’re angry – victims of greed and excess of Investment Banking on Wall Street and Bush/Cheney Mismanagement in  Washington DC. US and World Citizens are angry and they have every reason to be angry. And most Americans want this country to go in a New Direction.

Here is the FULL , unedited 90 Minute Debate #3

OBAMA: I think it’s important for the American public to understand that the $750 billion rescue package , if it’s structured properly – and as president I will make sure it’s structured properly , means that ultimately taxpayers get their money back – and that’s important to understand.

We need to eliminate a whole host of programs that don’t work. And I want to go through the federal budget line by line , page by page – programs that don’t work we should cut. Programs that we need , we should make them work better.

Chances are Excellent , Obama wrapped up the Presidency Wednesday Oct 15th, 2008. Obama was Calm , Cool and Collected to the old and tired attacks from McCain. Now its in the hands of the Voters. Personally , I’m Writing In the Libretarian RON PAUL , the Man who made the most sense of ALL The Candidates , for Turning America Around. John Patrick Henry , Sam Adams , Paul Revere , John Hancock , Andrew Jackson , Thomas Jefferson and the boys would Vote for Ron Paul. His Message of FREEDOM , PROSPERITY , PEACE  [and Liberty For All] is so Appealing to Thinkers .

My Heartfelt Thanks to Dr. Ron Paul and his Tremendous Passion for Liberty For All Americans and his awesome message of FREEDOM – PROSPERITY – PEACE . Middle-Class America Deserves a President like Ron Paul.


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