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Alan”The UnderTaker”Greenspan I am Shocked I was Wrong

Alan Greenspan , the Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1987 to 2006 , said recently “I am Wrong…….  I’m Shocked …  I was Wrong about How the World Works”

The Dow was Down Another 312 Points to Close Friday at 8379. Casino Stocks were among those Taking a Beating. The Sell-Off is In Force , No Bottom In Sight. Perhaps a One-Day Rally on Monday? Many investors believe the Central Bank will cut rates by another half percent following the end of a two day meeting on October 29. Oil has Fallen $41 a Barrel in one month , closing in NY at $64.15

“We Are In The Midst of a Once in a Century Credit Tsunami” – Alan “The UnderTaker” Greenspan

Live Long And Prosper

Live Long And Prosper

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