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Bad News Main St Good News Wall St

Early on Tuesday the Consumer Confidence Index fell to an All-Time Low of 38 ,  significantly down from last months 61rating in September and as a point of reference ,  a year ago the index stood at 95. Christmas Shopping Retailers are Expecting the Worst this Holiday Season.  Whirlpool Corp announced it is Laying Off 5,000 workers. Unemployment is on the Rise at Xerox , Merck and a host of other Companies. The News is Bad on MAIN ST for “Poor Joe” – home prices and investments falling , Socialist Banking System “No Banker Left Behind” , high unemployment , recession etc

However it was Quite a Day on Wall St. The Dow began Tuesday at 8176 and closed at 9065, UP 899 Points on the day – The Second Largest One Day Rise on the Street. A Big Late Rally in the Final Hour.

Google [GOOG] was UP Over 30 points , many Tech stocks were up , AT&T a Solid Gainer. One Stock that Gained 101.99% on the day was DineEquity Inc [DIN] NYSE . It Rocketed from 9.06 to Close at $18.30 a Share.

Ralph Nader wants To Put The PEOPLE Back in Charge rather than the Crooks. He’s Asking People to Vote For The BEST Candidate , not the least worse. Nov 4th , People.

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