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Philadelphia Phillies Win MLB 2008 World Series

Brad Lidge “Mr Perfect” got the Biggest Save of his career clinching the World Series for the Phillies. He was a perfect 48 for 48 in save opportunities over the season. Lidge said ” It had to be won here – the Fans Deserve it – it had to be here. You go through a lot to be in this position. I wouldn’t change anything in my career. It got me all right here , right now. This is the best it’ll ever be.”

 Cole Hamels despite a 14-10 WL record & 3.09 ERA in the Regular Season , was Huge in the Post Season at 4-0 and 1.80 as He Won the 2008 World Series MVP award. After a long draught since Dr J & Company last won a Title in the 1980’s Philadelphia is once again the City of Champions.

The TV Ratings were low in this ” No-Name” World Series. And for a Record 5th Time in a Row, the World Series did Not last longer than 5 Games. Enjoy the Victory Phanatics.

Bettors cried foul after most Nevada Casinos declared the Phillies the winner of Game 5 of the World Series despite it being suspended while tied in the middle of the sixth inning. The unfinished inning meant most sports books reverted to the score at the end of the Fifth , the last completed inning. That makes the Phillies the winners and means game over for Rays gamblers.

Nevada sports books and gambling regulators received complaints Wednesday from Tampa Bay Devil Ray Bettors angered by rules governing wagers on the rain-delayed contest. But the disputes vary depending on where the bets were placed because rules are not the same at SportsBooks across the state. Phillies Bettors were angry with MGM Mirage Sport Book because their rules say the game is still live until Major League Baseball Declares a Winner, Different from the regular season Rules used.

a shout out to Philly Mike

Jimmy Rollins said it best ” DETERMINATION ! ” interviewed on Fox Sports after the game.

Broad Street – enough said

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