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First Time Ever in NFL Football history

Interesting Week 11 in NFL Professional Football. First Time EVER there was a 11-10 Final Score [Steelers over Chargers].

First Time in Six Years there was a TIE SCORE FINAL 13-13 [Philly at Cincy]. And yes Donovan McNabb didn’t know the game could end in a tie – moron. 

Ten Games were decided by ONE SCORE or less , including Tony Romo’s Return Victory [Dallas over Washington]

How about the Unbeaten Titans at a perfect 10-0 It’s All Good if you’re a Tennessee Fan.

And lastly the Epic JETS – PATS tilt 34 – 31 OverTime , First Place in the Division On-The-Line

Refs Mistake in Steelers game Costs Bettors BigTime. Winners turned into Losers and losers ended up winning when a game that should have ended up 17-10 instead went into the record books as the first 11-10 final in NFL history. Though the score made no difference in the Win and Loss column – it did in the Wallets of a lot of Bettors in Las Vegas and Nevada Sportsbooks.

A Mistake by the Officials on the final play of the game between the 4 Point Favorite Steelers and Chargers meant Bettors who thought they had won money on the game actually lost – while those who thought they had lost ended up Winning. The apparent Touchdown scored by Polamalu on the last play of the game made the difference between Pittsburgh covering the point spread or not. When the touchdown was incorrectly Overruled , Steelers Bettors who thought they had won on a fluke on the last play were left holding worthless tickets.

The official score remains 11-10 , and Nevada Sports Books paid off on the final score from Sunday. There might have been $10 Million Bet Legally on the game in the State of Nevada but many times more than that in illegal bets around the country – plus the offshore Internet betting action.



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