Kangaroos Genetically Similar to Humans

Australian Researchers on Tuesday reported that Australias Kangaroos are Genetically Similar to  Humans. Scientists have for the first time Mapped the Genetic Code of the Kangaroo and found much of it was similar to the Human Genome. There are some obvious differences but we share the same genes and a lot of them are in the same order. Todays Kangaroos are informative about what Humans were like 150 million years ago.

I can See the Similarity with Killer Willard and Bush Cheney 🙂

The Researchers found Humans and Kangaroos last shared an ancestor 150 million years ago. More surprisingly the finding showed Mice and Humans diverged from one another only 70 million years ago. We are All Connected. Everything is Connected.

Its arguable who’s Better on Two Feet , but at 35 MPH Kangaroos are Much Faster than Humans.

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