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Socialism for the Rich Enslavery for the Masses

What happened to the Illusion of a Free Market Economy ?  I ask. I see Select Bankers & Corporations playing Without any Rules – They can Cheat & Steal the Public and with their Relationship with the Government They Can Suck the Wealth of the People Out and They Call That Capitalism ? It’s really beginning to look like Communism or Socialism for the Rich.

In these Volatile Times it’s important to Study What the Financial Elite are Doing , Yes or Yes ?

Scare the Public that if they don’t pass the coveted Trillion Dollar Bailout Bill their Stocks are going to Go Down – their house prices are going to fall and Unemployment is going to rise… This is giving a Lot More Power to the Government & Making the Financial Markets a Lot Less Free

Americans can Protest all they want but until it invokes Change into what the Federal Government & seperate Federal Reserve [CAUSE] are doing , the [EFFECT] will continue.  Cause & Effect.

What We Can Do is Protect Our Own Wealth – Our Own Families by Taking Our Own Financial Destiny in Our Own Hands. Did I mention OUR OWN ? Personal Responsibility for Our Own Outcomes.

Unfortunately if the Federal Reserve Scheme and the Financial Elite behind it wipes out the Value of the Dollar – it’s going to wipe out all US backed Financial Assets and with that the Retirement Dreams of the masses – I don’t care how Rich you are , if your Moneys only in Dollars you’re going to be Poor by virtue of Devaluation. [one man’s opinion] Your Results may vary. Don’t Trust a Word I or Anyone else says – Do Your Own Research.

Without the Bailout Goldman Sachs is Out of Business and the Bailout is necessary because of what Goldman Sachs Did on Henry Paulson’s Watch.

In other words , Folks You’re Screwed – Get Ready for the New World Order.


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