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SEC should Investigate Las Vegas Sands not Mark Cuban

The SEC has charged Mark Cuban – the Billionaire Entrepreneur &  Owner of the Dallas Mavericks , Landmark Theaters & HDNet with Insider Trading by using confidential information on a stock sale of to avoid more than $750,000 in losses.

Mark Cuban responded ” The governments claims are false and they will be proven to be so.”

For all Aspiring Entrepreneurs here’s what Mr. Cuban looks for in a potential business investment – and PS: Best of Success in Everything Mark , Sir.

Meanwhile Friday , to Avoid BANKRUPTCY by not meeting obligations to its lenders on a $3.8 billion portion of its $8.8 BILLION debt – WITHOUT SHAREHOLDER APPROVAL – Las Vegas Sands Corp [LVS] NYSE –  said it sold 200 million common shares for $5.50 apiece for $1.1 billion – DILUTING the Common Stock Shareholders Holdings.

The company also sold 5.2 million units consisting of one share of preferred stock plus a warrant to buy stock at $6 a share. The units sold for $100 each.

Founder and Chief Executive Sheldon Adelson and his wife also purchased roughly 5.25 million shares of preferred stock and warrants at the same terms as the public offering. The warrants included in the public offering and sale to the Adelsons could raise an additional $1.04 billion.

GREAT for the Adelson’s – TERRIBLE for POOR JOE – the COMMON STOCK Shareholder of LVS. the financial viability of the company has been seriously jeopardized – it more than doubles the number of outstanding shares and significantly dilutes shareholder value.

If you’re a common stock shareholder of LVS you’re Nuts to not SELL and get out. You DO NOT MATTER at ALL , at ALL , At ALL.

Las Vegas Sands is also looking to address some in-house concerns , disclosing in an SEC filing last week that its board created a committee to evaluate the company’s decision making and resolve disputes between Adelson and other senior managers. The filing said the committee was formed to address “a loss of confidence” by managers in how the company is being run.

Singapore is looking for ways to avoid ending up with a mammoth unfinished project on a prominent piece of land if US casino operator Las Vegas Sands Corp. is unable to complete a $4.9 billion gaming venture. The developer and operator will delay the completion at best or could end up unable to fulfill the contract. There are alarm bells all over the place. Singapore government officials are making contingency plans if the financing falls through – They are looking for a plan B , if things turn sour.

LVS will lay off as many as 11,000 construction workers in Macau after a cash crunch forced it to halt construction on multibillion dollar projects in the gambling mecca. The Global Financial Crisis has battered casino operators , and once booming growth in Macau has slowed as visa restrictions on visitors from mainland China hurt business.

Not a Bright Outlook for LVS , the company should go Private – instead of Ripping Off common shareholders. How is taking the Stock[LVS] off the Board  [halt trading] for 3.5 hours with stock at $8 DILUTION of the Stock , and begin trading again at $5 – How is that not INSIDER TRADING , MR SEC?

Sheldon Adelson Benefitted From INSIDER INFORMATION & INSIDER TRADING. Investigate that SEC.

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G20 Death of the Dollar Standard Birth One Central Bank

With the “Greatest Depressionplaying out on Bush’s watch , the G-2o finance ministers met in Washington and have given themselves until April 30 , 2009 to Overhaul the Worlds Financial System. The next G-20 Summit will probably be held then in London.  The World has , in effect , Elected a new Body to Oversee the International Capitalist Economy.

One meeting did not solve the world’s problems but the leaders of the G-20 countries resolved to “take whatever further actions are necessary” to stabilize the financial system. They pledged to strengthen both the regulation of financial markets and the protection of investors.

It was agreed that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund [IMF] need to be revitalised and refinanced to meet the challenges of the New World Order.

A new global currency will one day be developed.

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Space Shuttle Endeavour Rockets Toward Intl Space Station

7:55 PM EST from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Florida under a Bright Full Moon , the Space Shuttle Endeavour Blasted Off , Lighting Up the Night-Time Sky as it Rockets toward its Rendevous with the International Space Station on Sunday Afternoon. 

Endeavour Commander Chris Ferguson , Shuttle Pilot Eric Boe and Five Mission Specialists will be aboard the Intl Space Station to celebrate its 10th anniversary on November 20th.

NASA’s new Water Recovery System will make it possible for six crew members to Live Aboard the International Space Station. Some of the other “Home Improvement” Cargo are a $19 Million toilet , kitchen , two more bedrooms and the first-ever Space Cooler that will allow Astronauts to have Cold Drinks.

Four Maintenance Space Walks are also Planned. The 27th shuttle mission to the space station is due to Land back on Earth November 29th or 30th.

Good Luck , Godspeed and have a Happy Thanksgiving in Orbit.

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Deflation or Inflation You Gotta Eat

October Retail Sales and prices of goods imported to the USA dropped by the most on record pointing to a rising danger of Deflation. Deflation is caused by a collapse in demand and is associated with  Recession and in this case it certainly appears to be a long term economic depression. Money & Products : Supply & Demand. Deflation is the opposite of Inflation meaning a decrease in the general price level.

The decline in sales was led by a huge drop in Car purchases , but sales of all types of department store products from Furniture , Electronics , Clothing, Sporting Goods and more were all hard hit. Ask Chrysler , ask Circuit City they’re all going bankrupt.

Restaurants & Grocery Stores were about the only retail area that showed a gain. You Gotta Eat no matter the Financial Carnage going on. Shoppers searching for discounts on groceries gave sales a lift at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart may be the only Large Retailer to hold its own this Holiday Season.


Oil Prices have Fallen 60% during the last four months after reaching $148 in July. Light Sweet Crude for December delivery fell to $57 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

The Dow Closed Friday at 8497. S&P 500 at 873. Nasdaq at 1517. “Cash is King” –  Jim Rogers

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First Photo of Extrasolar ExoPlanet

Astronomers have their first photos of Exoplanets , alien planets outside our solar system , courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope. An extrasolar planet [exoplanet] is a Planet beyond our Solar System , orbiting around another Star. The frequency of detection is increasing – with 61 planets detected in 2007.

The pictures show 4 likely planets that appear as specks of white – all are trillions of miles away — three of them orbiting the same star. None of these four giant gaseous planets are habitable or remotely like Earth.

In the past 16 years , Scientists have Discovered more than 300 planets outside our Solar System ,  by measuring changes in Gravity , Speed or Light around stars. The actual Photos are an important step Forward – Now we have a Picture.

The planet discovered by Hubble is about the size of Neptune and three times bigger than Jupiter. It circles the Star Fomalhaut which is 100 million times brighter than its Planet. The planet is only about 200 million years old and it’s Temperature is around 260 degrees.

Three other planets , 7 to 10 times larger than Jupiter were Confirmed , circling a star named HR 8799 in the Pegasus constellation. The star itself is about 767 trillion miles away.

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Crude Oil Price $56 and DJIA 8282

Crude Oil Hit a 20 Month Low closing down 5.3% to $56.16 & the Dow closed down 411 points 4.7%  to 8282.66  Declining stocks far outnumbered advancing ones on the NYSE by a ratio of 12 to 1 and on Nasdaq a 7 to 1 ratio.

Google , Chevron , Exxon Mobil and Banking/Financial Stocks were all Hard Hit. Citigroup [C] fell below $10 for the first time in its history.  

Paulson & the US Treasury abandoned its plan to buy up toxic mortgage assets and said it will focus its $700 billion financial bailout fund on making direct investments in financial institutions and shoring up consumer credit markets.

The Electronics Giant Best Buy lowered its outlook citing the worst financial climate in its 42 year history. CEO Brad Anderson said “Seismic changes in consumer behavior have created the most difficult climate we’ve ever seen. Best Buy simply can’t adjust fast enough to maintain our earnings momentum for this year.”

American Express shares fell even as it became the latest company to seek government assistance. [AXP] is asking for $3.5 Billion in Aid from the federal government after the company officially became a Bank Holding Company late Monday.

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Veterans Day Nov 11 Honoring All Who Served

 Veterans Day is a holiday observed Nov 11th Annually in the United States in honor of all those , Living and Dead , who served with the US Armed Forces in wartime.

Honoring ALL Who Served

Honoring ALL Who Served

There are five states with 1 million or more veterans.  California (2.1 million)  Florida (1.7 million) Texas (1.7 million)  New York (1.1 million) and Pennsylvania (1.1 million).

We Salute You.

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Circuit City BANKRUPT

Circuit City filed for Bankruptcy Monday with Liquidation Likely. Trading of CC shares on the NYSE were halted as shares fell to 11 cents.  Circuit Citys struggles intensified as consumers spend less , credit is tighter and lost market share to rivals Best Buy & Wal-Mart.

The company’s biggest creditors are Hewlett-Packard ($118.8 million) followed by Samsung ($115.9 million)  Sony ($60 million)  Zenith ($41.2 million)  Toshiba ($17.9 million) and others.

General Motors [GM] shares plunged to a 60 Year Low of $3.02 Monday after Deutsche Bank forecast their price would fall to zero , saying that even if there is a Bailout of the Auto Giant , Shareholders would not benefit. Equity shareholders are unlikely to get anything.

GM reported steep quarterly Losses and warned it would run out of cash in the first half of next year and appealed to the US Government for help to save it from Collapse.

DHL announced Monday that it is Cutting 9500 Jobs and Closing its US Service Centers.

In a record bailout of a private company , the Federal Reserve & US Treasury provided another $150 billion in financial aid to former insurance giant AIG. No Banker Left Behind. 

The DJIA closed Down 73 points at 8870.

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Death by Firing Squad for 3 Bali Bombers in Indonesia

Indonesia Executed the three men convicted of the Oct 12, 2002 bombings in Bali that Killed 202 people [ 124 of them foreign tourists] . It was Death By Firing Squad at Midnight for Imam Samudra , Amrozi Nurhasyim and Ali Ghufron.

The three members of Jemaah Islamiyah said the suicide bombings were meant to punish the US and its Allies for Invading Afghanistan and that they were happy to die martyrs.  

My beloved , the Source of Wisdom sends these living parables through you to Illumine Humanity, but no one can understand them profoundly who has not received the Divine Gift of Mystical Interpretation.” (29:41-44)

“This Revelation is a mysteriously veiled Book of Light , containing Words of Truth whose Secret Meanings cannot be touched except with Minds and Hearts completely Purified by Allah Most High.” (36:63-80)

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$14 Billion Cash Burn GM Ford Bankrupt Soon

General Motors Corp and Ford Motor Co reported far deeper than expected quarterly losses on Friday. GM , the largest US automaker , reported a $4.2 billion quarterly loss while Ford posted a nearly $3 billion quarterly operating loss. General Motors Cash Burn was $6.9 BILLION – Fords $7.7 BILLION. Unless something changes soon – BANKRUPTCY EMINENT 

The Price of GM $4.33[GM] Stock is Down 82% and Ford $1.97 [F] is Down 71% on the Year.

Demand for cars is collapsing around the world. Fears of Deep Recessions in the United States and Europe have consumers putting off Big Ticket Purchases and a worldwide Credit Crunch makes it harder for those who want to buy cars to get loans.

The US AutoMakers Are Running Out of Cash. It’s a Disaster. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is Coming.

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