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Jupiter Venus Moon Converge in Optical Illusion

The 3 brightest celestial bodies [ Venus – Jupiter – Crescent Moon ] Converged Monday forming a Triangle of Light not to be seen again until 2052. 

our Dynamic and Ever-Changing night Sky

our Dynamic and Ever-Changing night Sky

Conjunctions between Venus and Jupiter come in pairs.  The first takes place in the morning sky , followed about 10 months later by another in the evening sky.  Two and a half years later Venus and Jupiter are again in conjunction, again in the morning sky.  On Feb 1 of this year , Venus and Jupiter paired off in the morning sky.  After Dec 1 , Venus and Jupiter will next get together again in the morning sky on May 11 , 2011.  And ten months later – in March 2012 they will again pair off in the evening sky.

Time lapse video filmed in Washington DC on December 1st , 2008 using a Canon SD750 digital camera at one frame per 2 seconds. Music is Transit of Venus by John Phillip Sousa (1893) .

Our Dynamic – ever changing Night Sky.

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