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OJ Simpson Sentenced to Life in Prison

Orenthal “OJ”  Simpson Received 9 to 33 Years [ minimum 6 Years before Parole] to maximum 33 Years [Probable Life in Prison] at his Sentencing hearing in the Clark County Regional Justice Center  Friday Dec 5 , 2008  in Las Vegas , Nevada. The 61 Year old Simpson will Not be First Eligible for Parole until he’s 67 , making this a Possible Life Sentence. He could serve up to 33 years [94 years of age?]

The Football Hall of Famer stood Shackled and Stone Faced when Judge Jackie Glass read his punishment just after he had made a 5 minute plea for leniency – choking back tears as he told her  “I didn’t want to steal anything from anyone I’m sorry.”

Simpson said he was simply trying to retrieve sports memorabilia and other items stolen from him , from two dealers when he stormed a Palace Station , Las Vegas hotel room on Sep 13 , 2007.

But the judge emphasized that it was a violent confrontation in which at least one gun was drawn where someone could have been killed. She said the evidence was overwhelming – with the planning , the confrontation and the aftermath all recorded on audio or videotape.


Orenthal “OJ” Simpson was immediately led away to prison after the judge refused to permit him to go free on bail while he appeals.

Outside court , Fred Goldman  said he was delighted with the sentence. “We are thrilled and it’s a bittersweet moment – it was satisfying seeing him in shackles like he belongs.”

Former Football Star Movie Actor Hertz Pitchman Felon OJ Simpson Sentenced to 9 to 33 Years in Nevada Desert Prison

Former Football Star Movie Actor Hertz Pitchman Felon OJ Simpson Sentenced to 9 to 33 Years in Nevada Desert Prison

Adjusting to prison may be difficult for a man who once lived the high life as a football star , movie actor and advertising pitchman.

” Not bright – not smart – not well thought out – but certainly not from an evil mind , ”  Simpson Attorney Yale Galanter said.

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Death Sentence for Auto Companies UAW Equity Shareholders

In exchange for a Multi Billion Dollar Bailout under a plan circulating in Congress the government would order a major restructuring of GM Ford & Chrysler – Detroit’s struggling Big Three Auto Companies.

Any government aid might be ” highly conditional ” and only occur after a 

  • Replacement of current management
  • Concessions from both the UAW and automakers
  • A Wipeout of Existing Equity and Debt holders
  • Nationalization of the Auto Industry to include a ” Car Czar

A Government-run restructuring would include Massive Downsizing and Labor Givebacks.

Restructure – Reorganize – Get Rid of the Union Contracts bringing them down – A New Business Model and Move Forward

Political Power is Controlled by those who Control the Money Supply.

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