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Oprah Winfrey “I Felt Like a Fat Cow”

Oprah Winfrey has said in the Jan 09 issue of O Magazine that She Now Weighs 200 Pounds. She’s Embarassed and Mad at Herself for Falling off the Bandwagon. Her New Goal is to No Longer Be Thin – but rather Strong Fit & Healthy.

May I Suggest a Sensible Solution – Give Up the Addictive Three White Powders : Flour Salt Sugar . Get On Natural Alive Foods & Mineral Waters. Enjoy a Leaner , Energetic More Happier You. You truly will never have to diet again.

Make No Mistake about it – The Enemy is White Flour , White Salt , White Sugar. Give Up the Bread  Pasta  Baked Goods , Give Up the Processed & Fast Foods , Give Up the Cake & Candy. Get On the FUEL of CHAMPIONS – Vegetables Fruits Grains Nuts Fish Chicken Healthy Fats.

Hows that For a LifeTime Achievement Award of  Health  Energy Wealth & Happiness. You don’t have to get it Perfect – You just have to Get it Going.


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