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George Bush Dodging Size 10 Shoes Thrown at him in Iraq

A Funny Thing Happened on President Bush’s Farewell Tour to Baghdad Iraq. While Wrapping Up a Press Conference where the Commander-in-Chief  was  defending the war that has Cost in Excess of 600 BILLION Dollars & 4,209 USA Soldiers Lives & Counting – an Iraqi journalist took off his shoes and threw them both just over Bush’s Head , one after the other. The thrower Yelled ” This is a Farewell Kiss …DOG , dog.”

The journalist was Tackled and Beaten and could be heard crying afterward. Bush was in town after a recent US – Iraq security agreement which calls for US troops to withdraw from Iraq by Dec 31 2011. Bush , never in any danger ,  joked afterwards ” All I can report is it is a size 10.”

His Speech will not be remembered – the only thing that will be remembered is the Shoe Throwing Incident.

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