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Killer Santa Bruce Jeffrey Pardo Covina CA

Bruce Jeffrey Pardo  AKA “Killer Santa” was found Dead by Suicide  [ one shot to the head ] at his brothers house in Sylmar.         

Killer Santa Bruce Jeffrey Pardo Covina CA

Killer Santa Bruce Jeffrey Pardo Covina CA

Pardo was the man who dressed as Santa Claus – shot and killed nine people than burned the house down at his ex-wifes Family Christmas Eve Party in Covina California , 25 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

Bruce Pardo committed suicide hours after the shooting rampage / raging house fire targeted at his former wife – Sylvia Ortega Pardo and her family at their Christmas Eve party. Their divorce was finalized in court on December 18th.

The nine bodies were so badly burned they had to be identified by dental records. The Fatalities included ex-wife Sylvia Ortega Pardo , her two parents – one sister – her two brothers and both sisters in law and one 9 year old nephew.

Make way for the New Black Friday – the day after Christmas. Retailers across the country are offering After Christmas – Year End Clearance Sales. Hoping to lure shoppers back into stores , many are opening again at 5 AM , just like the Black Friday day after Thanksgiving.

Christmas is Cancelled!


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