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Israel Promises All Out War Against Hamas

Israel has Promised an All-Out War against Hamas and vowed to continue its campaign until the Palestinian Group put an end to its rocket attacks on Israel.

Israel Bombs Hamas Gaza City in All Out War
Israel Bombs Hamas Gaza City in All Out War

Israeli F-16 Fighter Jets Pounded Gaza by Air as Tanks stood by to join the all-out war Israel vowed would wipe Hamas out by Air and Land.

The Offensive has already claimed 345 Human  lives with the number of Casualties expected to increase. Israels goal is to topple Hamas.
Israeli Armed Forces deputy chief of staff  Brigadier General Dan Harel said ” After this operation there will not be a single Hamas building left standing in Gaza and we plan to change the rules of the game. “
At the United Nations – UN chief Ban Ki-moon said he was  ” deeply alarmed by the current escalation of violence in and around Gaza. This is Unacceptable – Both Israel and Hamas must halt their acts of violence and a ceasefire must be declared immediately. “
Israeli Tanks and armored personnel carriers as well as Infantry troops are along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip as F-16 Jets continue their aerial assault – bombardment.
This has been the Deadliest Fighting in the Region since 1967 , over 40 years ago.

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