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Ayatollah Ahmed Khatami Iran Protest Leaders to be Punished Without Mercy

In a nationally broadcast sermon at Tehran University Friday, senior cleric  – Ayatollah Ahmed Khatami , urged Iran’s protest leaders to be Punished Without Mercy and said some should face Execution.  Khatami said those who disturbed the peace and destroyed public property were at war with God and should be dealt with without mercy – they are worthy of execution. Death by Hanging is the most severe punishment in the Islamic system.

This is the same Ayatollah Ahmed Khatami – member of the Iranian Assembly of Experts – who gave his famous Death To America speech. Iranian TV Channel 1 televised it on November 14, 2008. 

Punishment Without Mercy Iran June 2009 Revolutionary Guard

“Anyone who takes up arms to fight with the people – they are worthy of execution.”  – Ayatollah Ahmed Khatami.

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