Under Obama’s Cap and Trade TAX Electricity Rates Would Skyrocket

The Evil Genius Obama is Pushing for the Biggest TAX INCREASE in US History – a Giant Tax Bill designed to Destroy the American Economy. Carbon Credits TAX ,  or “cap-and-trade” will do considerably more Economic Harm than Environmental Good. Nancy Pelosi and the Traitors of the US House of Representatives have passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009: Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill.

” This is about POWER , MONEY and CONTROL but America right now is all caught up with oh my gosh did you hear Michael Jackson died ” – Glenn Beck

Government will Regulate your Life , Politicians and Bankers will Get Rich and Have More Power. The Cost of Everything You Buy will be Increased. 85 % of the Money will go to Special Interests and the Little Guy is screwed. Peter Schiff on Glenn Beck show video.

Cap and Trade , a Global Catastrophe with economies collapsing. China not exempt. LaRouche video:

The Global Warming massive Energy TAX will not have an Impact on the Environment , while Harming the Economy and Increasing Unemployment – a scam on Americans. ” Electricity rates would necessarily Skyrocket. ” – Barack Hussein Obama

Eight Traitors in the House of Representatives:


Rep. Tom Price asked for a moment of silence for the two million Americans who would lose their job if this bill becomes law.

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