Madoff Sentenced to Life in Prison the Maximum 150 Years

71 year old Wall Street Swindler Bernie Madoff received the Maximum sentencing of 150 Years in Federal Prison for his extraordinarily evil $13 to $65 Billion Investment Fraud – the World’s Largest Ponzi Scheme to date , by a Single Individual. Assuming Madoff does not live to the year 2159 and age 221 , he is now Sentenced to Life in Prison.

Complete Madoff Sentencing Transcript

His prison cell will become his coffin – Life Imprisonment for Bernard “Bernie” Madoff.

Let The Healing Begin. 

Madoff the swindler with a smile on his face , enjoyed a lot of massage girls as a free man, con-man.

A great Con – Madoff’s Secret Strategy to Earn Double Digit Returns in the Stock Market even when the market is down.

No more Palm Beach Lifestyle for the Ponzi Schemer and Disgraced Money-Man , Madoff.

No more Wealth and Privilege. Life in Prison for Bernie Madoff.

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One response to “Madoff Sentenced to Life in Prison the Maximum 150 Years

  1. Anticipate Opportunities

    karma’s a bitch

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