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Academy Award Winning Actor Role Model Karl Malden Dead at 97

Karl Malden – born Mladen Sekulovich – in Chicago 1912 , is dead at 97. He won his Academy Award Oscar as Best Supporting Actor in the 1951 movie ” A Streetcar Named Desire. ”  

He was also in ” On The Waterfront ” ,  ” How The West Was Won ”  , ” Pollyanna ” , ” The Cincinnati Kid ”

 ” Baby Doll ”

and ” Patton ”

among several others. Karl Malden lived a Rich , Full Life and died of Natural Causes.

“It was a Pleasure – it was a Joy – I Loved every minute of it. ” – Karl Malden

Karl Malden was the consummate actor and he loved acting. He performed on the Broadway Theater , in Movies and Film on the Big Screen , on a successful television series with Michael Douglas and even worked for decades as an Advertising Pitchman for the American Express Travellers Check Commercial – ” Don’t Leave Home Without Them. ”

People’s Choice Awards 1996 where Michael Douglas called Karl Malden his Mentor. Family Man and All-around Good Guy – Karl Malden recently celebrated his 70th Wedding Anniversary. Look around whats going on in this Planet – This is a Role Model , folks. 

Karl Malden’s Classic Sermon from Pollyanna Movie : Death Comes Unexpectedly – Amen!

” After I die , I don’t want you to do anything but have a party ” – Karl Malden

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