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Bankrupt California Endangered Human Species List

Endangered Species Act restrictions on pumping water from the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta to protect several species of fish have many Fresno area Farmers calling this shortage a ” man-made drought. ” Cuts in irrigation water deliveries have cost over 40,000 jobs and $900 million in farm revenues so far. With 400,000 acres idled due to lack of water – Fresno County and California stands to lose $474 million in taxes this year.

California Farms are Dying. Food prices will surely skyrocket. Paul Rodriguez ” Fish Don’t Vote , We Do – we need the water desperately , I can’t believe – this is totally Un-American. ” God Bless – Be Well.

California , the World’s 8th Largest Economy , is Out of Money. Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed deep cuts to social programs , including aid for the elderly, disabled and impoverished – plus cutbacks to schools and healthcare. California’s creditors have received ” reserve warrant ” IOU’s. Credit agency Fitch lowered its rating on California’s debt two notches from ” A minus ” to BBB – just two levels above Junk status.

California has a $26 Billion budget gap and Gov. Schwarzenegger and state lawmakers have not agreed on a solution. ” It’s a Sad Story .” – Arnold Schwartzenegger  Investors betting on California surviving and it’s not the end of the world as we know it , can receive future 3.57 % interest payments from the State. The IOU’s , reserve warrants , have also been showing up on Craigslist and eBay and selling for about 0.80 cents on the dollar.

Gov. Schwarzenegger – the Economic Girlie Man video:

” I Say , Don’t become Economic Girlie Men .” – Arnold Schwartzenegger

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Running of the Bulls Pamplona Spain Man Gored to Death

A man was Gored to Death by a bull during the running of the bulls at the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona Spain. The unidentified man ” Al ” was Gored to Death when his neck and lung was punctured from the quick strike of bull horns belonging to the bull nicknamed ” Cappucino “.

Here is a video from a previous years bull run at Pamplona. This one looked a lot worse , a lot more dangerous:

He is the 15th person to Die in the history of the 98 year old festival. The run is in the morning and all the bulls from that days run die in the bullring in the afternoon choreographed bullfight show. 

2007 Pamplona bull run goring video , again from a lone straggler bull, this time a guy standing in a doorway:

The festival and running of the bulls in Pamplona was made world famous by Ernest Hemingway and his 1926 book The Sun Also Rises.

 The 2009 San Fermin Festival is on until July 14. Good Seats still available.

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