JP Morgan Profits Soar to $2.7 Billion the Rich Get Richer

JP Morgan [JPM NYSE] – the Banking Giant – posted its 41st Quarterly Profit in a row. Profits soared to $2,700,000,000 or 2.7 Billion USD. The Rich Do Get Richer. Evelyn Rusli of the video network had this to say:

The Big Banks are Poised to Make Big Money again. Morgan’s Pay , Bonuses and other Compensation totalled $6,920,000,000. [$6.92 Billion USD] JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have changed the Dynamic of Wall Street and are Dominating with less competition.

James ” Jamie ” Dimon CEO JP Morgan speaking at HBS the Harvard Business School

” YOU are Responsible for your own Success and Happiness … [1] Learning is a Life-Long Thing … do it consistently all of the time. Learning , Reading , Talking to people , Traveling – is the only way to stay on top of this Global World of ours.

[2] Build Your BRAND   [3] How you Handle Failure / Mistakes : Get over it and Move On  [4] To Thy Own Self Be True – IQ and EQ Intelligence and Emotional quotient – Take Care of Yourself Physically and Emotionally.

I want to Do a Great Job with This Company – I Wear the Jersey of this company , I want Patriots.

You have to be Very Disciplined. Always be Driving for Improvement. Have Great Fortitude and the Ability to Act.

Make a List of what it is that needs to be done and Do It. Set standards. Be Good – the Very Best. Give the Customer a Good Deal. Integrity. Treat People the Way You Treat Your Parents. Set standards of Integrity. Do The Right Thing. There’s only One Truth. It Is Your Job.

Deal with Key Issues. Have a little Fun. Always get the Right People in the Room. Set Yourself Up for Success. Loyalty , Teamwork.  Build a Healthy , Vibrant Company. Dignity , Loyalty. Morale comes from fixing problems , earning respect and Winning.

Treat CEO’s and Clerks Equally. Get compensation right. Big Companies need entrepreneurs. Performance. The CEO’s the Captain of the Ship. Build a Great Company – Happy to Have You here. Pay the Price.

Have Real Humility. We have Awesome Power. You are Very Lucky – acknowledge that Leaders. Make your company Healthy and Vibrant. Make the Planet Better. Help Make it a Better World , Thank You ”  – Jamie Dimon

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