40th Anniversary NASA 1969 Apollo 11 staged Moon Landing

Houston , Tranquility Base here – The Eagle Has Landed. July 20 , 1969 NASA Apollo 11 Moon Landing 40th Anniversary. Neil Armstrong , One Small Step for Man – One Giant Leap for Mankind. Moon Landing Video:

Neil Armstrong remembering his accomplishment and video highlight Moon Memories, blastoff to landing – Apollo 11 , 1969.

Self-sufficient Lunar Settlements – Colonizing the Moon video:

We Live in a Universe Without Bounds , however, is it Impossible for Humans to Travel to the Moon , because of the Van Allen Radiation Belt?    

Moon Landing Hoax Video – questions about Van Allen Radiation Belt deadly radiation, no blast crater , no stars , shadows , flag waving in airless environment, etc Fake Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy theory Video:

NASA’s 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Space Mission Moon Landing – one of the most outstanding achievements of 2oth Century Man. Video:

Current Space Exploration Low Earth Orbit Space Shuttle video:

and the Future of Space Exploration , Astronauts will need a New Transporter to Carry us to New Worlds.

What lies Ahead for the Future of Space Exploration?


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  1. Van Allen


  2. Yuri Gagarin

    Aim for the Stars

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