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BetOnSports Gary Kaplan Guilty Online Gambling $43 Million Fine

Gary Kaplan , the founder of Online Sports Gambling Empire BetOnSports.com entered a plea of Guilty in US Federal Court for Conspiracy and Racketeering , violating the RICO  [ Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations ] Act and the Wire Wager Act. Sentencing will be Oct. 27 where the Judge will accept or reject the plea.  BetOnSports PLC has already transferred $43.7 Million in ” Fines ”  from a Swiss Bank Account  to the US Government. And Gary Kaplan would serve 41 to 51 months in prison [ less the 2 years time served already ] Kaplan was arrested in 2007 in the Dominican Republic.

David Carruthers , the former CEO of BetOnSports , already admitted to 1 count of racketeering. In 2004 BetOnSports booked over 10 Million Sport Bets totalling over $1 Billion USD. The same year , Kaplan received over $100 million USD from an IPO set up by the London Stock Exchange.

The US Government could End the Budget Deficit by Legalizing and Taxing Online Sports Gambling , but then the Government isn’t interested in doing whats best now , are they?

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