Michael Jacksons Death Homicide Acute Propofol Intoxication Dr Conrad Murray

The Los Angeles coroners office has officially ruled the King of Pop – Michael Jacksons Death , a Homicide. The cause of Death was established as ” Acute Propofol Intoxication “.

Propofol and a drug cocktail of Lorazepam , Midazolam , Diazepam , Lidocaine and Ephedrine were found in his system.

Michael Bashir’s ” Living with Michael Jackson ” Video in which the King of Pop says his favorite hobbies are water balloon fights and climbing trees. Eye-opening Michael Jackson Documentary video:

Michael Jackson’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray is potentially looking at Manslaughter charges at best or charges of Murder at worst. He may not Beat It – Let the Truth Prevail.

Inside Look at Michael Jacksons Estate – a Mansion fit for a King.

Michael Jacksons Palace – video of Bed upon which he passed away.

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