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9/12 Project Tea Party Wash DC As Seen on TV Glenn Beck

9-12 Project Glenn Beck Video:

Raw Video of the 9/12 Taxpayer Tea Party March on Washington DC. White House “shocked” at Large Turnout of American Patriots.

9/12 Project – Paradigm Shift – Glenn Beck’s comments from Glenn Beck Show ” The Game is Rigged ”

Get Up , Stand Up – stand up for Your Rights. Get Up , Stand Up – don’t give up the Fight. Bob Marley live Video:

God Bless You America – Stay Strong – Good Night from Glenn Beck , Bob Marley and the Tea Partiers.

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Week 1 NFL 2009 Brady’s Back Benjamin Watson big catch for NE

Week 1 of NFL 2009 is in the History books.

Q: Who is Benjamin Watson? A: He caught 2 TD passes in the final 2:06 to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat for returning Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Robert Kraft Approved.

Guess who’s Back – back in town –


Tom Brady is Back for the Patriots. The Super Bowl’s up for grabs this year, boys.

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