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Bet the House on Uruguay to beat Ghana on July 2

Been a great World Cup so far. Went 8-0 in the round of 16. My Best Bet in the Great Eight [quarterfinals] is Uruguay on Saturday July 2.

Let’s all make some more money. Best of success. Uruguay is my football lock on July 2.

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Spain Knocks Out Portugal 1-0 in Defensive Battle

Portugal gave up 1 goal in their entire 4 games in World Cup 2010. That was one goal too many as Spain’s David Villa knocked arch-rival Portugal out of the Cup. 

Cristiano Ronaldo did not perform any magic. Ronaldo, Messi etc, great individual players are not scoring at all. Great teams are scoring  just fine.

Offense gets the glory. Defense wins the game.

Spain survives and lives to fight another day. They luck out playing Paraguay in the quarterfinals. My Lock is Uruguay over Ghana.  While world #1 Brazil battles Holland and Argentina is in a war with Germany who crushed England.

Those two quarterfinal matches would normally be worthy of a World Cup Final. And yes, my Brackets are still perfect in this extremely predictable World Cup. 8-0 in round of 16.

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Paraguay advance over Japan in Penalty Kick Shootout

It took a penalty kicks shootout [5-3] for Paraguay to defeat Japan after a scoreless draw in fulltime. Paraguay now moves on to the World Cup Quarterfinals for the first time in their history.

Oscar Cardozo slowly walked up and scored the game winner for Paraguay. The road gets much tougher when they battle Spain next.

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Brazil Dominant ole ole ole ola Brasil 3 Chile 0

Ole ole ole ola. Brazil [Brasil] dominated Chile as expected 3-0. They had the relaxed confidence and knowing swagger of a champion. Juan, Fabiano and Robinho each scored a goal. The 5 time Cup Champions Brasil advances to the quarterfinals versus a world class Netherlands squad. Looking forward to that match.

Brazil’s coach Dunga clearly has the 2010 Brasil squad more focused and hungry than the 2006 team. If form holds they could very well be the Champion in the 2010 Finals for the Gold Trophy on July 13. We shall see. Brazil seems to be enjoying themselves again and the team chemistry is outstanding. Ole ole ole ola.

We all made money betting on Brazil, the football Lock in Round of 16. Void where prohibited. I’m confident our Winning will continue with Uruguay beating ghana this Friday July 2, 2010. Great investment opportunity. Let’s all make some more cash money. Winning’s Great.

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Netherlands Offense gets the Glory Holland Defense Wins the Game

Yes, Arjen “Rockin” Robben adds a potent weapon to the Netherlands offense. It was great seeing him in the lineup after returning from a hamstring injury and all glory goes to him for scoring the first goal. In my opinion, the Man of the Match was Dutch goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg and the Oranje Defense.

Holland’s goalkeeper Stekelenburg had many brilliant saves in shutting out Slovakia for 93 minutes and was the difference in the match. The England national team desperately needed someone of his quality in their net.

Wesley Sneijder scored the game winning goal in the 84th minute after some unselfish passing by the Netherlands. The Dutch have never won the World Cup losing to Germany in the 1974 finals and again in1978 losing in the finals to Argentina.

The Netherlands are now 4-0 in the 2010 World Cup with four times as many wins as Italy, France and England combined in South Africa, 2010. Now Holland will have to beat Brasil in the quarterfinals to keep the dream alive. A very tough assignment. Best of success.

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Argentina Overpower Defenseless Mexico 3-1

Carlos Tevez was the Man of the Match, scoring two goals, leading Argentina to a decisive 3-1 victory over Mexico. Tevez blasted in one of the tournament’s best goals – a rocket shot from 25 yards.

Mexico made critical defensive mistakes and yet again the referee blew another call. Argentina capitalized and moves on to the quarterfinals.

I will make a Big Wager on Uruguay over Ghana. Root em in.

My Brackets are still golden. In the semifinals, I have Brazil beating Uruguay and Spain beating Agentina. Defense wins the match.

Meaning Brasil and Spain in the Finals. Ay caramba!

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Germany Blitzkrieg England 4-1 at World Cup 2010

Blitzkrieg, as in Lightning War. A Concentration of Overwhelming Force and Rapid Speed to break through enemy lines and proceed without regard to its flank.

Deutschland’s blitzkrieg of constant motion kept the Swiss-Cheese Goalie of Britain off balance and unable to respond effectively.

Why was a healthy Robert Green sitting on the bench?  And yes, the horrendous officiating robbed England of a goal. At least it didn’t alter the outcome. It was clearly Germany’s day. Congratulations Germany.

10 Games in World Cup 2010 for Italy, France and England resulted in only 1 Win combined for all three sides.


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World Cup 2006 Champions Italy and France last place Losers 2010

France had already crashed out in last place of Group A  with 0 wins and only 1 goal in 3 matches and flown home in disgrace in Economy Coach Class.

Amazingly, Italy also folded in an even weaker Group F – also with NO WINS and in last place behind even New Zealand. Italy looked lifeless in their first two and only played with passion in their third and final game but coming up short.

What a difference one World Cup makes – from Champions to Bums.

Not been good a Tournament for European teams except Spain, Holland and Germany. All 3 advanced in first place to the Round of 16. Of those 3 teams Spain appears to have the easiest road to the Semi-Finals. Beating Portugal looks like the main obstacle. Holland [Netherlands] would have to get by mighty Brazil in the Quarter finals. And Germany would have to beat pre-tourney favorite Argentina.

I see it as an All Spanish/Portugese Speaking Semi-Finals. Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Spain. And Brazil [Brasil] battling Argentina in the Finals.

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Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich F’ing Golden

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich made the talk show circuit proclaiming he’s done nothing wrong [not guilty]. Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel joked that he’s mainly fascinated with Blagojevich’s hair and that maybe he should move to Mexico, like Jesse Ventura.

Kimmel reading quotes from an alleged phone wiretap of  Blagojevich ” I’ve got this Thing and it’s F ‘ing Golden. And I’m just not giving it up for F ‘ing nothing. I’m not going to do it. ”

” I didn’t have a chance to defend myself. At the appropriate time, I’ll have a chance to prove it [I’m innocent]. I believe a man’s reputation sums up who he is. I’ve done nothing wrong ” – Rod Blagojevich

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World War III Imminent US Israel Warships Iran Oil WW3

Arabic newspaper Al-Quds al-Arabi reports that 12 American warships including the CVN-75 Harry Truman aircraft carrier [which can accommodate 80 aircraft] along with an Israeli submarine carrying nuclear warheads, have crossed the Suez Canal on their way to the Red Sea.

According to sources and eyewitnesses the Suez Canal traffic was disrupted for hours in the morning during the crossing of the US Navy. The convoy included a giant aircraft carrier, ships, soldiers and infantry, armor and ammunition, coming from the Mediterranean Sea on its way to the Red Sea and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

There are concerns in the Middle East that the presence of American ships could lead to a confrontation with Iran. The American fleet was one of the largest seen in the area in years.

The United States and Israel, the sole nuclear-armed power in the Middle East, have not ruled out a military strike to destroy Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran warned Friday that any act against the interests of the Iranian people, will result in legal response and appropriate action by Iran.

Israel’s threats to use nuclear weapons have increased significantly since it was discovered in 2002 that Iran was building uranium enrichment facilities. Israel’s former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called on the international community to target Iran as soon as the conflict with Iraq is complete.


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