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World Cup 2006 Champions Italy and France last place Losers 2010

France had already crashed out in last place of Group A  with 0 wins and only 1 goal in 3 matches and flown home in disgrace in Economy Coach Class.

Amazingly, Italy also folded in an even weaker Group F – also with NO WINS and in last place behind even New Zealand. Italy looked lifeless in their first two and only played with passion in their third and final game but coming up short.

What a difference one World Cup makes – from Champions to Bums.

Not been good a Tournament for European teams except Spain, Holland and Germany. All 3 advanced in first place to the Round of 16. Of those 3 teams Spain appears to have the easiest road to the Semi-Finals. Beating Portugal looks like the main obstacle. Holland [Netherlands] would have to get by mighty Brazil in the Quarter finals. And Germany would have to beat pre-tourney favorite Argentina.

I see it as an All Spanish/Portugese Speaking Semi-Finals. Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Spain. And Brazil [Brasil] battling Argentina in the Finals.

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