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LeBron James Lindsay Lohan You Have Been Warned

Society is obsessed with sports and petty celebrities and could care less that MSNBC, the New York Times they’re are all reporting that we are going into a Depression. We’ve got 46 States on the verge of Bankruptcy. The Government’s raising Taxes on every level.

 And the Public doesn’t care because the Mainstream Media has set the agenda and they tell you to care about LeBron James and Lindsay Lohan. This is Distraction by Design.

” We’re going into a Depression. They’re about to launch World War III with Iran, openly. Offshore Banks have overthrown the US; they’ve stolen tens of trillions of dollars.” says Alex Jones of Infowars.com  Video:

If you want to know why you are bankrupt. If you want to know why you are in debt. If you want to know why you have no future. It’s because your priorities are wrong. It’s because you let the television program you.

We are Rome. It’s 410 . We are about to collapse, ladies and gentlemen. I know, you won’t know Rome 410. You know about LeBron James. This is dangerous. Don’t say You haven’t been warned.

The Globalists are looting society. Lets pass Carbon Taxes. Lets expand NAFTA and World Trade Organization. Lets announce an end to the Dollar as the Global Reserve Currency.

When they get rid of the Dollar as the World Reserve Currency, your life as you know it, is officially over. You’re going to be a Third World Slave.

You’ll probably still be talking about Lindsay Lohan when your living as a homeless person, on the street.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been warned.


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Yes We Did Miami Heat 3 Kings receive Keys to the City

The 3 Kings – LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade received the keys to the city at the Miami Heat Welcome to South Florida Presentation Ceremony.

The Hollywood-like spectacle ushered in Pat Riley’s latest version of Showtime — Miami style. Yes We Did video:

Spotlights danced around the American Airlines Arena, followed by fog and flames until the curtains parted on stage.

Standing with their backs to the audience in front of a giant Heat logo, the three kings James, Bosh and Wade were introduced by long drawn out introductions from PA announcer Michael Baiamonte.

Stand up and make some noise for your Miami Heat [all 3 of them]. How ya like me now?

Yes We Did!  Classic line from The Three Amigos. ” I’ll come back one day.” Why?


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