2006 World Cup Final Materazzi Italy over Zidane France

2006 World Cup Final in Berlin, Germany with Italy beating France by Penalty Kicks.

Italy brutal Tackles on France including once in the box. No foul or yellow card given to Italy. All match long Materazzi held, punched and trash-talked to Zidane.

Again nothing called. Zidane retaliates once and is Red-carded.

After a 1-1 tie, the World Cup Winner will again be decided by penalty kicks. With the best scorers out for France [Zidane, Henry etc] and Barthez worried about a Mafia hit, it’s money in the bank for Italy.

Viva Italia 2006 World Cup Champions.

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One response to “2006 World Cup Final Materazzi Italy over Zidane France

  1. Materrazi

    Please do keep up the fantastic work. I bought a mazaratti to celebrate.

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