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attention-whore Paris Hilton marijuana possession

For the second time this month the ” attention-whore ” Paris Hilton has been temporarily detained for possession of trace amounts of marijuana.

This time the blonde jetsetter was detained for 30 minutes at a Corsica airport after sniffer dogs detected one gram of marijuana in her bag.

Ms. Hilton was questioned and released and allowed to depart on her merry way off the French Mediterranean island by private jet.

Paris Hilton was also arrested after the Brazil-Netherlands World Cup match in South Africa, on suspicion of marijuana possession but the media sensation’s case was dropped at a midnight court hearing.

Good Times.


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Barefoot Bandit Caught Shoeless in the Bahamas

Colton Harris-Moore,  AKA ” Barefoot Bandit ” who allegedly stole cars, boats and airplanes to evade US law enforcement was arrested in the Bahamas.

Harris-Moore became a folk hero in America after eluding police for two years and was dubbed the Barefoot Bandit because he went shoeless during his crime spree and left chalk footprints as a calling card.

He was branded a modern day Billy The Kid after leaving cash and a note at a veterinary clinic saying he had stolen some extra cash and wanted it to be used to help animals.

The Fugitive’s legend grew with supporters wearing Run Colton Run t-shirts and following his daring exploits on Facebook.

Although Harris-Moore never took flying lessons, he is suspected of stealing at least five planes, including the one he piloted for more than 1,000 miles from Indiana to the Bahamas islands where he crash-landed.

The Barefoot Bandit is said to be a self-taught pilot through playing flight-simulator games and reading flight instruction manuals. His mother said Colton’s a genius with an IQ higher than Einstein.

The tall teen is a skilled outdoorsman who honed his abilities growing up in the woods of Puget Sound, Washington.

The 6′ 5″ 19 year old barefoot bandit was brought handcuffed and appropriately shoeless to Washington DC to face justice, ending Harris-Moore’s two year life on the run from authorities.

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