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Obama Czar of Czars

300 years of Imperialist Russian Romanov rule = 18 czars

1 Year of Oligarch Obama rule= 43 czars

Who are Obama’s Czars?

AfPak Czar; Richard Holbrook
AIDS czar; Jeffrey S. Crowley
Auto Recovery Czar; Ed Montgomery
Bailout Czar / Tarp Czar; Herb Allison, socialist.
Border Czar; Alan Bersin
Car Czar; Ron Bloom
Climate Change Czar, Todd Stern
Copyright Czar; Victoria Espinel
Counterterrorism Czar; John Brennan
Cyber Security Czar; Howard Schmidt
Disinformation Czar; Linda Douglas
Domestic Violence Czar; Lynn Rosenthal
Drug Czar; Gil Kerlikowske,
Economic Czar; Larry Summers
Economic Czar two, Paul Volker
Education Czar; Arne Duncan
Energy Czar; Carol Browner, socialist
Food Czar; Michael Taylor
Government Performance Czar; Jeffrey Zients
Great Lakes Czar; Cameron Davis
Green jobs Czar; Anthony “Van” Jones, Communist 
Guantanamo Closure Czar; Daniel Fried
Health Czar; Nancy-Ann DeParle
Health IT Czar; Dr. David Blumenthal
Information Czar; Vivek Kundra
Intelligence Czar; Dennis Blair
Iran Czar; Dennis Ross
Latin-American Czar; Arturo Valenzuela
Mid East Peace Czar; George Mitchell
Pay Czar; Kenneth Feinberg
Regulatory Czar; Cass Sunstein
Religion Czar; Joshua Dubois
Safe Schools Czar; Kevin Jenning
Science Czar; John Holdren
Stimulus Oversight Czar; Earl Devaney
Sudan Czar; J. Scott Gration
Tech Czar; Aneesh Chopra
Urban Czar; Adolfo Carrion, Jr.
War Czar; Douglas Lute
Water Czar; Subject to Senate oversight.
Weapons Czar; Ashton Carter
Weapons of Mass Destruction Czar; Gary Samore
Weatherization Czar; Gil Sperling

And lets not forget Obama in the role as Czar of Czars

Czars only answer to Obama, are not Congressionally approved, not elected by American citizens but have access to $2 trillion.

Send in the clowns.


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Charles Rangel 13 Criminal Ethics Violations a disgrace to America

Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Charles Rangel is a major disgrace to Democrats, all Americans and America.

The senile 20 term, 80 year old Representative of  Harlem, New York refused to retire so now let’s see Rangel wrangle his way out of  a public congressional trial this September. It will be Charlie Rangel’s War.

Rangel had been given every opportunity to negotiate a settlement during the investigation phase but the ethics violator refused.

So it is now finally on to the trial phase, after years of delay and inaction by the proper authorities.

Some of the 13 ethics violation charges include failure to report more than $600,000 income on his congressional financial disclosure statement.

Failure to report income from his vacation property in the Dominican Republic.

Accepting a rent-stabilized property in Manhattan for his campaign office

Using congressional letterhead to solicit donations for a center for public service to bear his name. 

Accepting money gifts from AIG for bailout money.

He didn’t know he had nearly a million dollars tucked away in some accounts.

Rangel writes the tax code but as for himself, he is on a tax holiday.

It’s an Insult to America that House Speaker Pelosi promised to run the most honest and ethical House ever, yet a House Chairman is allowed to stay in office after years of known ethics violations.

” I’d rather defend Jeffrey Dahmer’s dietary habits than try to defend Charlie Rangel on the idea of ethics.” –  Gov. Mike Huckabee

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Obama Girls Day Out on The View

Obama’s ” Girls Day Out ” on daytime TV chat show The View, aired Thursday on ABC television

Obama girls day out on ABC tv The View with Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Obama's Girls Day Out on The View sitting cross-legged with Barbara Walters " Obviously the country has gone through a tough stretch since I took office." - Obama

with Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Barbara Walters returned to the show for the first time since her open heart surgery. She will return to the show full-time in September.

All 6 sat cross legged, feminine style, on TheView’s couch and joked that Obama watches the show too.

Even Obama admitted that the United States of America has gone through a tough stretch since he took office.

” Obviously the country has gone through a tough stretch since I took office.” – Obama

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