Bell CA City Manager Robert Rizzo $780,000

City Manager Robert Rizzo from Bell, California one of Los Angeles County’s poorest cities earns twice as much as President Obama.

Residents from the working class town of Bell erupted in outrage after learning that their city pays its officials some of the highest local government salaries in the nation. 

Rizzo who earned $780,000 per year has resigned as have some of Bell’s other top earning government officials. But frustrated residents gathered at a city council meeting to demand more resignations and an end to what they regard as widespread corruption.

Bell California protesters furious with high taxes, cronyism and inflated public sector pay shouted in Spanish language, they all must go.

It’s no wonder the State of California is bankrupt.


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2 responses to “Bell CA City Manager Robert Rizzo $780,000

  1. Yanna

    imagine the size of his balls, in a word – greed.

  2. Money Man

    Good day! Any suggestions how i may make $780,000?

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