US Mexico Border Wars Arm Yourself It’s War

Everyday there is a new headline about the violence and unrest at the US-Mexico border. Drug cartels feuding, local officials gunned down and of course illegal immigrants streaming into the United States.

Residents of Fort Hancock, Texas are under siege. The violence and danger has literally spilled over the Rio Grande and into their backyards.

Citizens are armed and ready, the default border security. The sheriff has a $250,000 hit on him and he says ” Oh, it’s War!”

The Federal Government has lost control of the border. In Juarez, Mexico it’s a state of war.

Despite Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet  Napolitano being quoted as saying:

” Everything that can be done to ensure this border remains safe and secure, to assist the government of Mexico in their efforts against the cartels and the cartel violence in Mexico [Ciudad Juarez being an example of that] and we’re going to make sure that those who come and seek to violate our laws by entering our country illegally or bringing contraband into our country or those who seek going south to carry illegal guns and cash south, that they are apprehended and prosecuted.”

It appears the Federal Government, the Border Patrol especially, has essentially abandoned the residents of Fort Hancock, Texas.

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One response to “US Mexico Border Wars Arm Yourself It’s War

  1. Furious

    Fast and furious department of injustice

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