Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Reenactment Video

It was over in a few short seconds.

” Little Boy ” the 4.5 ton uranium bomb detonated over Hiroshima within 45 seconds after being dropped from the B-29 Enola Gay.

And the atomic reaction caused a blinding flash and a fireball hot enough to vaporize every human within a one mile (1.6 kilometre) radius.

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Reenactment Video

Anyone in the open air was vaporized or turned to carbon in an instant from the 4000 Celsius heat.

A second later, a powerful shock wave moved at the speed of sound and turned buildings into shrapnel.

Over 100,000 people near the Hiroshima fireball vanished in a fraction of a second.

The Hiroshima atomic bomb reenactment video is a picture of hell.

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One response to “Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Reenactment Video

  1. Trisha Toyota

    the horror

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