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China’s Eating Our Lunch says Donald Trump

China’s eating our lunch.” says Billionaire Donald Trump. We’re building China. We don’t make things anymore.

You have to provide money for people that want to build. We have to be a manufacturing Country again. We used to make things.

If you look at their phony currency, it’s very hard to compete with China and we make a better product than China.

Tax China. China is taking advantage of this Country unbelievably. Put a 25% TAX on everything made in China.

China’s eating our lunch. PS: Happy Thanksgiving.

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Pius Heinz 2011 WSOP Main Event Poker Champion

Pius Heinz is the 2011 World Series of Poker main event Champion. The deserving 22 year old German poker pro outlasted 6,864 other players on his way to winning pokers most coveted prize – the gold and diamond WSOP bracelet and $8,715,638 in prize money.

Pius Heinz is the new 2011 WSOP Main Event Poker Champion winning pokers most coveted prize the gold and diamond WSOP bracelet plus $8,715,638 cash money

Pius Heinz winning $8,715,638 at the 2011 WSOP Main Event final table in Las Vegas Nevada defeating Martin Staszko, Ben Lamb, Matt Giannetti and 6,861 other players for poker immortality

The aggressive and intelligent play of Pius Heinz led the new champion to ultimate victory after a grueling 3 hour head to head match with runner up Martin Staszko, a very capable Czech Chess Expert.

pius heinz defeated ben lamb stare plus martin staszko, matt giannetti and the november 9 in the 2011 world series of poker main event pokers supreme accomplishment and most coveted prize

Hugo Boss hoodied Pius Heinz calculating his next move while receiving the world famous Ben Lamb stare

The chip count lead changed back and forth multiple times but in hand 301, Pius Heinz won pokers biggest prize – the 2011 WSOP Main Event Championship. 2011 Poker Player of the Year, Ben Lamb finished third and a well played fourth prize went to Matt Giannetti.

Video: Enjoy all the action from the 2011 WSOP main event final table 3-handed

Well played. Congratulations to the first German WSOP Main Event Champion and new King of Poker, Pius Heinz.


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WSOP 2011 Main Event Final 4 Table

Continuing coverage of the WSOP 2011 main event final table after dinner on Sunday night. The dream is alive for just the final 4 players. Only 3 will play on Tuesday night for the $8,715,638 Championship and the most coveted bracelet in all of Poker.

Pius Heinz from Cologne, Germany has taken the final table by storm. Ben Lamb has had an amazing year. Matt Giannetti has worked his way up to 2nd place. Martin Staszko has fallen from chip leader to short stack.

” It’s Pius Heinz’s World and we just live in it!” – Antonio Esfandiari

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November Nine WSOP 2011 Final Table

6,865 players entered the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event. Only the November Nine remain alive for the champions $8,715,638 first place prize .

2011 November Nine and chip count:

November Nine WSOP main event 2011 final table Pius Heinz Ben Lamb Martin Staszko poker pros

November Nine Bob Bounahra, Phil Collins, Matt Giannetti, Pius Heinz, Sam Holden, Ben Lamb, Anton Makiievskyi, Eoghan O'Dea, Martin Staszko

[1] Martin Staszko (40.1 million)  35, Chip leader from Czech Republic

[2] Eoghan O’Dea  (33.9 million)   26-year-old poker pro from Ireland

[3] Matt Giannetti (24.7 million)  26-year-old poker pro now living in Las Vegas

[4] Phil Collins      (23.8 million)   26-year-old poker pro now living in Las Vegas

[5] Ben Lamb      (20.8 million)   26-year-old WSOP 2011 Player of the Year

[6] Bob Bounahra (19.7 million)   49, Amateur live poker player from Belize

[7] Pius Heinz      (16.4 million)    22, first German player in the November Nine

[8] Anton Makiievskyi (13.8 million) 22, Ukraine aggressive in it to win it style

[9] Sam Holden   (12.3 million)     22-year-old short stack from England

Video: November Nine WSOP 2011 main event final table 9 players to 4 complete

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