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Lady Chinky Eyes Papa Johns receipt

Papa Johns has fired an employee “Mr. Minimum Wage” at one of its New York City locations who typed a racial slur “lady chinky eyes” on a receipt to an Asian American customer.

Papa Johns has fired an employee "Mr. Minimum Wage" at one of its New York City locations who typed a racial slur "lady chinky eyes" on a receipt to an Asian American customer.

Lady Chinky Eyes Papa Johns receipt “ Hey @ PapaJohns just FYI my name isn't lady chinky eyes.” - Minhee Cho

Papa Johns Pizza apologized to the Korean-American customer, Minhee Cho, but is facing a public relations crisis.

What they forgot to apologize for was the taste of their pizza.

Video: China Girl Red Carpet, my eyes are up here

Cho posted an image of the lady chinky eyes receipt on Twitter and tweeted

“ Hey @ PapaJohns just FYI my name isn’t lady chinky eyes.” – Minhee Cho

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Miss Wisconsin crowned Miss America 2012

Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler was crowned Miss America 2012.

The main difference between Miss America and Miss USA is that Miss America is a talent competition while Miss USA is a beauty pageant.

Laura Kaeppeler the new Miss America is a Green Bay Packers fan and when she introduced herself on the televised show she said

“If you’re watching, Aaron Rodgers, call me.”

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Facebook Beautiful and Bald Barbie

There is a social media campaign online to get Mattel to make a bald barbie doll.


Facebook Beautiful and Bald Barbie Let’s see if we can get it made

Who can forget Afro Barbie?

The premise is that the bald barbie doll would help children fighting cancer who have hairloss due to chemotherapy.

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Costa Concordia cruise ship sinking

Costa Concordia cruise ship sinking off of Porto Santo Stefano, Italy.

SOS at least 6 are dead from this partially sunken ocean liner. Many missing and a search and recue mission is under way.

The ship captain has been blamed for human error and extremely poor judgement.

He is being detained and may be charged for his decision to abandon ship or manslaughter.

SOS. This is one ship captain who did not go down with the ship.

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