George Clooney Golden Statue

George Clooney did go home with one golden statue. No Oscar but one Stacy Kleiber in a gold metallic dress.

George Clooney had a good time on the Red Carpet with the Gold Statue at Oscars 2012 Academy Awards show in Hollywood.


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4 responses to “George Clooney Golden Statue

  1. Anonymous

    simply what a joke clooney is, try thinking about what the average american is going through cloney is nothing but a usless tool try talking to people in america most of the people know you have know substance never had to feel the pressures of the common american paying bills keeping your job have you fundraiser in small town america adleast that would help their economy have fun in london that should help out americas economy what a usless twerp get some substance the average working man looks at you as a joke now go fluff your self are take some more money ot of your trust fund cupcake

  2. Robert Preston

    George Clooney a moneybags actor, full of love for himself & his status. He has not done really much for the homeless & destitute in America. That Sudanese poverty talk was all talk. Clooney did nothing but press his cock. In reality, George Clooney is a big fuck machine, with his cock wedged in his ass. And a money lover big time. People are homeless & without proper meals in U.S. cities & Clooney talks about his homemade pizzas. Shove your homemade pizzas up your arse, George Clooney. And attach a vibrator between your cock and balls. Turn on the power and do the samba naked. Post yourself doing all that online ! Fuckin’ cockhead. Give some of that big cash of yours to getting the homeless off the streets & the unemployed into jobs. Until then, go fuck yourself, George.

  3. Ismail Hamdan

    George Clooney makes US$365,000/- a week. That is like buying a luxury home every week ! With so many living below the poverty line, can’t G. Clooney give some of that into helping them out, instead of masturbating on his money ? President Kim Jong Un has NO respect for George Clooney, because Clooney is a fucked up arsehole, with too much money to splash around. The Sultan of Brunei probably thinks G. Clooney is a fuck head by meddling in matters of no concern to Clooney. G. Clooney should do a movie , “The Vibrator” where Clooney shoves a Ferrari engine up his arse & turns on the power !

  4. Baharudin Ismail Mokhtar

    George Clooney’s 58th birthday on May 6 should have images of his private parts on the wine glasses and on the dinner plates, besides his mug ! He should display his genitals behind a transparent fabric for the world to see !
    At 58 years, George’s vintage dick can still rise to the occasion ! And his balls doing the samba in tune to his flapping arse cheeks ! Olay ! What’s up, George ? ! Commit yourself to helping the destitute with the money you have, instead of masturbating around in Hollywood. Give underprivileged people a chance in life.

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