George Clooney Golden Statue

George Clooney did go home with one golden statue. No Oscar but one Stacy Kleiber in a gold metallic dress.

George Clooney had a good time on the Red Carpet with the Gold Statue at Oscars 2012 Academy Awards show in Hollywood.

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One response to “George Clooney Golden Statue

  1. Anonymous

    simply what a joke clooney is, try thinking about what the average american is going through cloney is nothing but a usless tool try talking to people in america most of the people know you have know substance never had to feel the pressures of the common american paying bills keeping your job have you fundraiser in small town america adleast that would help their economy have fun in london that should help out americas economy what a usless twerp get some substance the average working man looks at you as a joke now go fluff your self are take some more money ot of your trust fund cupcake

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