Miami Zombie Man Eating Face

Miami zombie apocalypse, nude man eating face shot dead by police on MacArthur causeway. Causeway Cannibal has been identified as Rudy Eugene 31 [deceased].

Miami cannibal attack picture photo Rudy Eugene deceased and victim Ronald Poppo who lost 70% of his face

Victim Ronald Poppo 65 left and right Miami Cannibal Rudy Eugene 31 deceased

Ronald Poppo, a 65 year old Miami homeless man, has been identified as the victim in the horrific face-chewing attack.

Miami Police Detective William Moreno said Eugene continued to chew on Poppo’s face even after he was shot. It took five more rounds to disable and kill Rudy Eugene.

WARNING: graphic photo from crime scene

Miami cannibal attacker crime scene photo a dead Rudy Eugene lying next to his critically injured face eaten off victim Ronald Poppo on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami FL

Crime scene photo Miami cannibal attack Rudy Eugene shot dead by police after the nude man ate face off victim Ronald Poppo

An eyewitness said that the causeway cannibal was like a zombie, tearing off 75% of his victim’s face and growling like an animal at the police officer who shot him.

WARNING: Extremely graphic, gruesome, horrific picture of Miami man who lost 3/4 of his face, eaten off by cannibal attacker

Whatever you do, don’t look. I beg of you, Leave immediately. Not for the faint of heart.

zombie apocalypse gruesome horrific graphic violence photos of 70% of nude man eats face victim pic in Miami FLA

Cannibal man eats face pictures graphic violence in Miami Florida horrific photos on gruesome zombie apocalypse Memorial Weekend

Homicide investigators believed the Miami cannibal was under the influence of a designer drug, LSD related bath salts.

Highway to hell on Memorial Day weekend. Stay safe.


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51 responses to “Miami Zombie Man Eating Face

  1. Bosh

    change you can believe in

  2. J.J. Bugs

    Calling it now. “naked face eating man zombie” will be a HOT Halloween costume this year.

  3. HoBo

    Woah this weblog is excellent. A lot of people are searching round for this info.

  4. Mike Walden

    The blogosphere hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say what they believe.

  5. Anonymous

    that is sick

  6. B.A. Phomet

    And people are worried about going to hell??? We live in it EVERYDAY!!!

  7. charletta seay

    what u c is what u get hollywood is showing u everyday whats really going on tv/movies r to dumb u down and demons and spiritual warfare is real PRAYER is our only TRUTH

  8. jaylee

    this is just sick and gross

  9. Anonymous

    that is pretty sick i guess that just proves that the world is a terrible place

  10. Anonymous


  11. nigahigga

    i want a sandwich

  12. Stewie Griffen

    What the duece

  13. Anonymous

    That is f**king disgusting, this is a f***ed up world, when you have people eating others.

  14. Whore Mel

    The Other White Meat.

  15. Lector

    I don’t know where you are getting your information, I was looking for this info for my mission.

  16. Anonymous

    They should have shot the attacker a lot more than 5 times and if I was the victim I’d have asked for a bullet just to end the misery. Poor guy

  17. CDM

    They should have done the homeless guy a favor and shot him also…wtf!!!

  18. Anonymous

    it’s not the man who is sick in the head, but the drug.. opens a door to let the demons in your soul. this drug needs to be stopped people have no control of themselves when they’re on it

  19. Anonymous

    F_ it, S#1+ happens

  20. #alquifa

    yumm i want to be on this drug, and go to america and eat everyone!

  21. $ladyballa$

    I live here in Miami where this went down. May God bless him, throw out his pain and suffering.

  22. swag

    homeboy got eaten

  23. Butcher of Baghdad

    i don’t understand how anybody can read or look at this.

  24. pladin

    it is starting… ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

  25. commentator1

    That’s completely awful. Just goes to show you what drugs that strong can do to you.

  26. coolperson

    damn thats f**kin sick!!!

  27. Anonymous

    pray for the nation people! pray!

  28. Ronald Poppo

    im horny

  29. Rudy Eugene

    ME 2!

  30. Noah jurado

    I live here in Miami it still hurts me to know a man suffered this pain and i just kept walking. it really hurts to see this photo

  31. Dwayne

    damn. i didnt know that homeless dude was still alive. he gonna look f_ up for the rest of his life…

  32. Tom

    super freaky

  33. Sam


  34. Square

    Hey guys check it out, I’m a square!!

  35. Anonymous

    tht sh** is naste as f***

  36. lisa SMALL

    bath salt users should be sent to MARS!

  37. Nasty

    that is just nasty, what is this world coming to?

  38. jenn


  39. jOE


  40. Anonymous

    they dont even know its bath salts just a guess toxicology reports take wks or months. no evidence was found on his person

  41. Anonymous

    sick freaks making fun of something like this…..this is real this really happened a man is dead and another one is screwed up beyond recognition and ur saying things like oh itll be a great halloween costume or i want a sandwich wth is wrong with you idiots? r u that dumb? all over a drug, may something similar happen to you then it wont be so funny will it….rejects

  42. Альбинчик

    Это просто ужас(((((((((((((((((

  43. Anonymous

    Ronald Poppo (the man that had his face half chewed) is in really good spirits and happy to be alive!! Now THAT is news to be shared and so inspirational 🙂

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  45. graham

    all these people posting replies about prayers and god and demons can f**k off – take your hand me down, regurgitated pseudo religious piffle and go jump.

  46. Anonymous

    this is why i love living in florida

  47. unknown

    If your telling me the bible has already stated what would happen in the world and we’re living in it!!

  48. nate thizzle

    my prayers go out 2 both of them

  49. Darwin

    i feel so sorry for that man and that’s just sick, man eating man

  50. Eastman

    I like the valuable information and photos you provide in your articles.

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