Alignment: what you do want, is known. The Source Energy part of you is finding
vibrational alignment immediately with your rockets of desire.

Law of attraction vibrationally states that which is like unto itself, is drawn to
you. Set your radio frequency dial on “x” you will hear what’s broadcast from the same frequency.

You get what your tuner is set at. You get that.

Be the immediate, now receiver of what it is you are asking for. Ask-believe-receive.

Ride the vibrational reality rocket of that new conclusion. You come along with it. Law of attraction is summoning everything that matches your magnetically pictured desire.

Feel this vortex of becoming, this manifestation in terms of now-ness. This vortex is the basis of worlds that are to come – catch up with it.

Talk like it, feel like it – when you become a match to it – it must manifest.

One response to “Alignment

  1. Abe

    I suggest you get into the vortex.

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