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Michelle Malkin Flaming Pants On Fire

Michelle Malkin, author of the NY Times #1 best seller Culture of Corruption, fact-checking with Fox News host Sean Hannity on the recent State of the Union address.

Syndicated columnist,  Michelle Malkin said “ It was amazing. It was quite a flaming pants on fire moment.

There were more warmed over leftovers stuffed into this speech than a Thanksgiving casserole.”

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US Military Operation Iraqi Liberation “OIL” out of Iraq

Operation Iraqi Liberation “OIL” has finished in Iraq on Dec 15, 2011. The final 4,000 US Military troops will be out by Christmas. At what price?

After nearly $1,000,000,000,000 US Taxpayer Dollars wasted and 8 years 8 months 26 days of shock and awe, the death toll is enormous. 4,479 US Soldiers gave their life [confirmed kills] with 32,200 injured. Approximately 950,152 Iraqi Civilians and Military died.

Was the mission even accomplished? One thing is certain – War is hell.

” It has been a disaster, that should not have happened. It is a disaster full of death and destruction.” – Raed Jarrar, Iraqi American blogger/activist

The Americans are leaving behind them a destroyed country with thousands of widows and orphans.

US officials were unable to reach an agreement with the Iraqis on legal issues and troop immunity from prosecution in Iraqi courts.

” They’re [Iraq] going to face challenges in the future.” – Leon Panetta, US Defense Secretary


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Gold and Silver Futures Markets a Big Casino

Bob Chapman and Alex Jones video discussing how the gold and silver futures markets are like a Big Casino.

Gold manipulated by the [IMF] International Monetary Fund and silver manipulated primarily by JP Morgan.

Bob Chapman believes that in a market free of manipulation, gold could be trading as high as $2500 an ounce and silver, the poor man’s gold, could trade for $50 an ounce.

Trading in gold and silver futures contracts involves both substantial risks and enormous profit potential. Therefore it is not right for everyone.

Financial leverage provides speculators an equally higher risk / higher return investment.

Only risk capital should be used because an investor could lose more than the amount originally invested.

Precious metals futures contracts are legally binding agreements for delivery of gold or silver in the future at an agreed upon price.

The contracts are standardized by a futures exchange as to quantity, quality, time and place of delivery. Only the price is variable.

” Gold is competing with the US Dollar as the premier world currency.” – Bob Chapman

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Oil Eating Bacteria used to Clean Up Oil Spill

Xinhua, the official news agency of China, reported that over 23 tons of oil-eating bacteria is being used to help clean up an oil spill in the Yellow Sea caused by a pipeline explosion and fire.

An estimated 1,500 tons of crude oil has spilled into the Yellow Sea near the northern port city of Dalian.

This is the first time China has made major use of biotechnology to solve an environmental pollution problem.

Beijing Micro-Cleaner Biotechnology, a Beijing-based biotechnology company provided the 23 tons of oil-eating bacteria.

The use of the oil-eating bacteria is a process known as bioremediation. Microorganisms break down toxic hydrocarbons present in crude oil into less harmful compounds.

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American spy Arrested in China gets 8 year Prison term

Xue Feng, an American “geologist” born in China, has been sentenced by a Chinese court to an 8 year prison term.

The American spy was charged with illegally obtaining state secrets related to the oil industry.

The odds of  Xue Feng being found innocent were not good. In Chinese criminal court proceedings from 1998-2006, the national rate of a guilty conviction in first time criminal cases was 99%.

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World War III Imminent US Israel Warships Iran Oil WW3

Arabic newspaper Al-Quds al-Arabi reports that 12 American warships including the CVN-75 Harry Truman aircraft carrier [which can accommodate 80 aircraft] along with an Israeli submarine carrying nuclear warheads, have crossed the Suez Canal on their way to the Red Sea.

According to sources and eyewitnesses the Suez Canal traffic was disrupted for hours in the morning during the crossing of the US Navy. The convoy included a giant aircraft carrier, ships, soldiers and infantry, armor and ammunition, coming from the Mediterranean Sea on its way to the Red Sea and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

There are concerns in the Middle East that the presence of American ships could lead to a confrontation with Iran. The American fleet was one of the largest seen in the area in years.

The United States and Israel, the sole nuclear-armed power in the Middle East, have not ruled out a military strike to destroy Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran warned Friday that any act against the interests of the Iranian people, will result in legal response and appropriate action by Iran.

Israel’s threats to use nuclear weapons have increased significantly since it was discovered in 2002 that Iran was building uranium enrichment facilities. Israel’s former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called on the international community to target Iran as soon as the conflict with Iraq is complete.


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