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Secret of How to Live to 110

The Secret of How to Live to 110 is revealed by Bernando LaPallo, 110 years of age from Mesa, Arizona.

LaPallo’s fountain of youth secrets of longevity and vitality include eating and drinking properly plus walking a mile and a half in the morning.

The clean-living lifestyle also includes avoiding prescription medication, living stress-free and getting proper rest daily.

Bernando LaPallo miracle diet consists of organic vegetables [greens] and organic fruits [berries] for juicing.

And Super-foods like organic garlic [nature’s antibiotic] and onion, organic honey [nature’s energy booster], virgin olive oil, organic cinnamon [antibacterial], organic dark chocolate [stress reduction] and he adds some barley soup for luck.

Happy to be of service. Good Day.


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2009 US Open Tennis Champion Juan Martin del Potro

Juan Martin del Potro , the up and coming Argentine , beat the five-time defending champion Roger Federer on the Hard Court at the 2009 US Open Mens Tennis Finals in New York.

The Deserving Winner , del Potro , beat both Rafael Nadal and Federer back to back at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadow. No Small Accomplishment.

del Potro seized the Momentum with the 4th set Tie-Break Win

and Juan Martin del Potro , the Skyscraper from Buenos Aires ,

carried it on to Victory in 5 Sets , in front of countryman and 1977 US Open Winner Guillermo Vilas.

Game – Set – Match , Juan Martin del Potro. Tennis has a New Champion.

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