Your mind is super powerful. MY MIND IS SUPER POWERFUL. Our minds are super powerful.

I have a super mind. My mind is super powerful. The power of my mind is infinite.

I can manifest wealth. I attract all that I focus on. I ask the Universe for it.

I manifest my hearts desire. I go after what I want. I AM SUPER POWERFUL!

All are attracted to my powerful presence. I think powerful thoughts. I am powerful.

I am in control of my mind and my life. I control how I feel about any situation.

I meditate on a regular basis. My mind is super powerful.

The mind forces in the Universe are working on my behalf. I go after what I want.

I think big thoughts. I flow with power.

My mind is super powerful.  I am super powerful. I move in confidence and power.

2 responses to “Power

  1. John Henry

    Greetings from Ohio!

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