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Mercedes Benz F-Cell Invisible Car

Mercedes Benz and the F-CELL Invisible Car want to know how to promote the most innovative drive technology in the World.

Mercedes-Benz presents F CELL hydrogen fuel cell technology to the World Video:

Invisible Cars = 0 emissions, buddy. Mercedes car engineers claim zero emissions with this F-CELL technology since it emits only water vapor after burning the hydrogen fuel.

German automobile engineering. Mercedes-Benz: the best or nothing.

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Sir Richard Branson stand out from the crowd

Free business advice from legendary Virgin founder, Sir Richard Branson – ” Stand out from the crowd.”

Branson thinks fun should come into marketing.

Survival to success. Sir Richard Branson audio video:

The cheapest form of marketing is free advertising.

” Do it in fun ways and stand out from the crowd.” – Sir Richard Branson

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